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Campaign Run Services

Our campaign run services include:

  1. Data Requirement Determination:
    • Collaborating with business and technology teams to determine data requirements for targeted customer campaigns.
    • Ensuring accurate and effective campaign execution by understanding specific needs and objectives.
  2. Efficient Campaign Execution:
    • Providing business-as-usual (BAU) production runs for segmentation, ensuring consistent and timely campaign execution.
    • Offering desk-side coaching and training, optimizing flowcharts, data processing, and implementing best practices.
  3. Customized Script Development and Software Support:
    • Developing customized scripts for automated scheduling and information transfer between systems.
    • Offering SQL script development for testing and production.
    • Assisting with testing, upgrades, and migration of IBM Unica software.

Our services streamline campaign execution, optimize data utilization, and provide tailored script development and software support for efficient and targeted campaigns.